Business Makeup

A job interview or a regular day at the office: In these situations, the trick to applying makeup is not wearing too much and not wearing too little. Our guide shows you how to apply subtle and confident office makeup that sticks by your side, even through stressful situations.

Close-up on model's face, focusing on lips holding apricot colored lipstick
Product overview of the products used in the business makeup makeup tip

Step by Step

Care & Priming—Lasts the whole (work) day

Start with a primer that perfectly prepares your skin for applying makeup whilst also protecting it from UV rays. You can ensure your makeup lasts even longer with a fixing spray.

Foundation & setting

Choose a lightweight foundation for everyday working life. Apply it with a makeup brush starting from the middle of your face moving outwards. Then set your foundation with a powder that mattifies your complexion but doesn’t take away its natural glow.

Expert tip

Our Light Luminous Foundation with Blue Light Protection protects your skin from premature aging and wrinkles that can occur when using digital technologies, such as at work.

Daniela Rother

Senior Makeup Artist

Add warmth with bronzer

Using an angled powder brush, apply the bronzer to the highest point of your cheekbones and the side of your forehead and blend. Find out more about bronzer here.

Create freshness with blush

Blush instantly gives your skin a fresher appearance and subtle color. Apply it to your cheeks with an angled brush. It makes even tired skin immediately look revitalized and ready for your workday.

Natural eye makeup for the office

An eyeshadow primer will keep your eye makeup in place the whole workday. Apply a matte, light brown shade to the outer corner of the eye and the natural crease of the eyelid. Intensify the outer edge of the corner of your eye with a darker eyeshadow and blend the shade further onto the moving eyelid. Next, emphasize the lower lash line and blend everything out towards the top with a fluffy brush.

Get bigger eyes

To make your eyes appear visually larger and more awake, apply a light shimmering eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eyes and the first half of your lid.

Beauty tip: Spray your eyeshadow brush with a fixing spray to boost the intensity and radiance of your office makeup look.

Confident & expressive

Intensify your look by tightlining your upper lash line with a kajal. Use a brown tone to make your look softer and more natural. Then create a natural eyebrow finish with a transparent gel. Complete the look with a mascara of your choice. Discover your perfect mascara in our guide.  [Quer Verlinkung auf den Guide]


Quickly and easily conceal visible lines, dark circles, and wrinkles with a concealer. Apply the concealer with an integrated applicator and blend it in with a soft concealer brush.

Natural lip makeup on the job

When it comes to lipstick at the office, a subtle color is best. The Hydra Care Lipstick not only gives your lips a natural look, but also nourishes and protects them from drying out.

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