ARTDECO is driven by individuality, inspiration, and the art of makeup. We love developing products that inspire a love for makeup and increase self-confidence.

Artdeco offers makeup that empowers

As an undisputed market leader in the German retail trade, our mission for the last 40 years has been to create makeup that makes people feel more radiant and confident. Today, our high-quality products are loved in around 65 countries. Our innovative family-run company is based near Munich.

Affordable luxury

ARTDECO stands for “luxury that everyone can afford”, providing its customers with luxurious makeup – The best quality, at affordable prices.

Using carefully selected ingredients, we develop luxurious textures that meet the latest technology standards. High-quality and tasteful packaging add the finishing touches to our products.


Individual beauty

At ARTDECO, we want to help you bring out your personality. With a wide array of beauty products, it’s easy to choose one that helps you uncover your individual style. We offer a large selection of fantastic colors and individual solutions.

Our favorite product in our collection is our refillable system.

Refillable Palettes

Art of applying makeup

We want your look to be perfect. Our products offer a real added value, and give your makeup a little extra “something”.

ARTDECO’s numerous special products were created to make your beauty routine easier than ever.


Source of inspiration

We’ve got our eye on all of the latest trends. We hope to inspire you with our innovations, as we, too, are inspired by our deep understanding of trends and the needs of our customers.

For years now, we’ve regularly released limited-edition Beauty Boxes that combine modern art and design in line with the motto “beauty meets fashion and art.”