Makeup tip

Even Skin Tone

As natural as possible and an even skin tone all at once – every woman wants this kind of complexion.

With our step-by-step guide and product tips, you’ll be able to get an even skin tone without looking like you’re wearing a mask.

Texture Swatch of a Foundation

Step by Step

Skin care products for cleansing and moisture
Step 1

Skin care

Cleansing foam refreshes your skin and deep cleans your pores.

Distribute a small amount of peeling cream on your hands and apply it to your face straight after cleansing. Your skin is left feeling softer, smoother, and more even.

Facial toner is soothing, hydrating, and improves your skin’s ability to absorb moisturizer.

Products for moisturizing skin care
Step 2


For an even skin tone, skincare is an absolute must. For a little wake up, apply a refreshing eye gel around your eye area and gently pat it in.

A light-weight moisturizer gives your skin an extra boost of freshness and added moisture. Apply cream to your face, massaging it in gently.

Step 3


Keeping your eyes closed, spray the 3 in 1 Make-Up Fixing Spray onto your face while holding the bottle approximately 30 cm away from your face.

This all-rounder adds moisture to your skin, refines its texture, evens out the surface, and enables you to simply and evenly apply your foundation afterwards.

Step 4

Apply foundation

Apply the foundation with a makeup brush starting from the middle of your face moving outwards.

Precisely pat in the foundation to increase the coverage on certain areas of your face.

Step 5


Concealer lays the groundwork for evenly applied makeup and is a secret weapon when it comes to perfecting your complexion.

Apply concealer around your eyes, along the sides of your nostrils, to the corners of your mouth, and along your chin fold. Blend it in perfectly with a concealer brush.

A comparison image is shown of how well redness can be concealed with a corrective pencil
Step 6


Apply a corrector to any red areas and blend it in with a concealer brush.

Step 7


To get a long-lasting, even complexion, apply a setting powder for optimal results. We recommend a transparent setting powder, as this doesn’t change the color of your skin.

Apply a transparent setting powder with a makeup brush starting at your upper hairline and working your way down towards your chin.