Cut Crease

Not sure what cut crease is? It’s all about putting your eye crease center stage and accentuating it with eyeshadow.

We show you how to easily and successfully replicate this makeup trend in our step-by-step guide. All eyes on you!

Step by Step

Applying eyeliner

Using a khol eyeliner, draw a thin line as close to your lash line as possible.

In our makeup tip, we’ll show you how to get perfect eyeliner with just a little practice.

Defining your eye crease

Start by applying the kohl eyeliner to the outer edge of your lash line, stopping mid-eye.

Then blend the line with an eyeshadow brush.

Creating highlights

Make your eyes look visibly bigger by applying a lighter-colored eyeshadow to the highest part of your brows and the inner corners of your eyes.

Playing with colors

Create accents just above the blended area and along your lower lash line using a colorful eyeshadow.


Intensify your eyeliner by applying a black eyeshadow with a precision brush (we recommend an eyebrow brush). Then create a smokey look on your eyelid and in your eye crease using a special brush.

A light eye shadow and glitter are applied with a brush on the mobile eyelid

Creating contrasts

Apply a light eyeshadow to your lids, using some glitter to add a little shimmer.


To bring out the luminosity of the bright eyeshadow and get more definition for your cut crease, apply our All-in One Primer with a concealer brush before applying your eyeshadow.

Daniela Rother

Senior Makeup Artist

The lower lash line is made up with a mascara

Get bigger eyes

Apply mascara to your upper and lower lash line. Make sure to separate your individual lashes by using your brush in a zig-zag motion.

Get a bold look

To make your lower lashes look fuller, apply a brown kajal directly to your water line.


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Blusher | 13 - brown orange blush
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