Give yourself a perfect at-home manicure with our guide.

Nail care, filing, and painting your nails – Step-by-step to beautiful, groomed nails.

Step by Step

Prepare your nails optimally with a nail file
Step 1

File & prepare

Always file your nails in the same direction.

Place the file on the outside of our nail, filing towards the middle. Remove the file and start again from the outside after each stroke.

Exception: You can file in both directions if you’re using a glass or mineral file. These are perfect for shortening sensitive nails.

Step 2

Remove cuticles

A nourishing gel is ideal for gently removing cuticles.

Apply the gel to your cuticles and the walls of your nails, allowing it to soak in for 2-3 minutes. Next, carefully push back your cuticles with a wooden manicure stick using a circular motion. Wash off any remaining gel and loose pieces of skin in a water bath.

Step 3

Fill in any ridges

Ridge fuller protects your nails against discoloration, making your nails look more even and groomed.

To give your nails a natural finish, apply just the ridge filler.

Step 4


Now the color comes into play. Start by applying nail polish to the middle of your nails, starting from the bottom. Depending on your nail polish, you might want to apply multiple layers.

If you’re in a rush: After applying nail polish, briefly hold your hands in the freezer. The cool temperatures help dry your nail polish faster.

Step 5


For flawless, long-lasting nail polish, apply a transparent top coat and lightly seal the tips of your nails.

This also protects your nails against UV rays and chlorine.