Longer Lashes

It’s all about long lashes! False lashes make your eyes irresistible and are an easy way to add glam to your look. Step-by-step, we’ll show you how to attach and remove false lashes. Try it now!

Step by Step

Magnetic lashes

Step 1 Attach the top lashes

Turn your eyes into real show-stoppers with magnetic lashes! Lash strips can be attached without adhesive in just a few seconds. Magnetic lashes are false lashes with an instant wow factor.

Attach the lashes after applying your eye makeup. From above, place the top lash strip on your outer lash line.

Step 2 Attach the bottom lashes

Keeping your eyes open, place the bottom lash strip just underneath the top lash strip.

The lash strips will automatically attach when the magnets come into contact, essentially lining your own lashes. Magnetic attraction ensures they stay in their intended position.

Step 3 Remove the magnetic lashes

If your magnetic lashes aren’t sitting right, they can be gently repositioned without smearing your eye makeup.

Removal: To remove the lashes, place your thumb and index finger on either side of the magnets. Shift them between your fingers until you feel the magnets come apart. Then, carefully pull the magnetic lashes away from your eyelashes.

Step by Step

Strip lashes

Step 1 Adjust the lashes

Pick up the strip lashes with a pair of tweezers and carefully trim them to the appropriate length.

Step 2 Apply the adhesive

Apply a very sparing amount of strip lash adhesive to the strip. Allow the adhesive to dry until it turns slightly blue in color.

Step 3 Attach the lashes

Place the strip lashes directly along your own lash line, looking slightly downwards with your eyes.

Step 4 Press down well and apply mascara

For perfect results, press lightly on the false lashes with the end of your tweezers. Starting in the middle, work your way towards the outside, finishing with the inner edge. Be careful to ensure the strip lashes don’t shift out of place.

To finish, apply a generous amount of mascara. This puts some extra oomph into your lashes.

Step 5 Remove the lashes

To remove the strip lashes, very gently pull on the outer lash line. Once again, look slightly downwards. Our makeup tutorial takes you through all the steps in detail. Have a look!

Step by Step

Permanent lashes

Step 1 Remove the lashes from the packaging

Pick up a lash cluster with a pair of tweezers. Carefully remove it from the packaging.

Step 2 Apply the adhesive

Place a drop of the special adhesive for permanent lashes on a smooth surface. Gently dip the end of the individual lashes in the lash adhesive.

Step 3 Apply the lashes

Apply the lash cluster between your own lashes. Carefully press down on the cluster and allow the adhesive to dry. It’s best to work your way inwards starting from the outside.

Never finish directly on the corner of your inner eye but rather on the last inner lash. Avoid oil-based eye makeup remover!

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