Discover our refills at ARTDECO. Makeup palettes with interchangeable pans, refillable powder compacts, and eyeshadow pencils with refill cartridges.


It’s a familiar story: We’ve set ourselves the goal of cutting down as much waste as possible. If only there wasn’t always so much packaging material in the way! At ARTDECO we’ve always supported our innovative, refillable system specifically to minimize these materials since our founding in 1985.

Favorite eyeshadow empty? No problem!

Magnetic pans for the Beauty Box, refillable powder compacts or eyeshadow pencils with refill cartridges.

Thanks to our refillable system you can simply buy a refill of your favorite beauty product, swap out the empty one and use it in the original packaging as normal.

Replace cosmetics instead of throwing them out!

Unsere Nachfüllbaren Systeme

Tausche Deine leeren Produkte ganz einfach aus


Wähle eine Hülse, wähle Deine Refillfarbe und schon hast Du Deinen eigenen nachfüllbaren Lippenstift!

Die hochwertigen Aluminium-Lippenstift-Hülsen mit Magnet Verschluss lassen sich ideal mit den Couture Lipstick Refills kombinieren. Die wunderbar cremige Textur gleitet sanft über die Lippen und
sorgt für einen angenehmen Tragekomfort. Entdecke jetzt 16 neue Farben mit veganer Formel und mind. 80 % natürlichen Inhaltsstoffen.


Exchange your empty products easily


Use, switch and exchange!

Thanks to the practical magnets in the pans you can easily insert or switch your favorite beauty product in our magnetic Beauty Box and exchange it for the empty one. Contouring Powder, Camouflage Cream, Eyeshadow, Blusher and Eyebrow Powder all have a space in your refillable Beauty Box.


Press out, insert and done!

Powder refills are a practical, reusable method for your compact. Simply push the used pan out of the powder compact and snap in the new one. The refills range from premium Compact Powder and practical Sun Protection Powder Foundation to Bronzing Powder and luminous Highlighter Powder.


Take the lid off, screw it in and off you go!

The Eye Designer Refill is screwed on to the pencil-like Eye Designer Applicator. The pencil has a sponge at both ends which takes on the color when the cartridge is twisted. If the cartridge is empty, simply unscrew it and replace it with a new one. The Brow Styler Applicator and Brow Styler Refill follow the same principle.

Removable can

Push out the can, insert the new one and you're ready to go!

If your Translucent Loose Powder is empty, you take your refill replacement to hand. The original can is unscrewed and the refill can be pressed out of the original can from the underside. Before you can start, you have to insert the new refill insert straight into the can. Label off and close the lid!

Step 1

Open the lid of the Translucent Loose Powder.

Step 2

Remove the refill insert from the original can by pushing it out from the bottom.

Step 3

Remove the protective cap of the new refill insert and press it into the original can from above - following the guide lines.

Step 4

Remove the transparent label and screw the lid onto the can.