Makeup Tip

Makeup for green eyes

Wondering what eyeshadows are best for green eyes?

In our step-by-step guide, we’ll show you which eyeshadow shades will best accentuate your green eyes.

Step by Step

Step 1 Prep & prime

Get the perfect base!

By using a primer, your eye makeup will stay in place all day—and best of all, it won’t migrate to your crease, either. Use a makeup brush to apply primer to your entire eyelid.

Step 2 Apply eyeshadow

To make your eyes look bigger, use an eyeshadow brush to apply eyeshadow to the outer third of your eyelid as well as the lower lash line.

Step 3 Intensify your eyeshadow

For a dramatic eye look, apply a darker eyeshadow to your upper lash line. Make sure to blend your eyeshadow well—all the way to the eyebrows.

Step 4 Create highlights

Apply a light, shimmery eyeshadow from your inner eye corner to the middle of your eyelid to make your eyes look bigger.

Step 5 Apply eyeliner

Choose a color that’s similar to the darker eyeshadow to accentuate your lower lashes as well.

Apply your chosen eyeliner to your lower lash line.

Step 6 Give your lashes volumen and length

Highlight your green eyes with the right mascara!

Apply mascara to both your upper and lower lashes. Need more help? Then take a look at our “How to apply mascara” guide.

Use these products to properly accentuate your green eyes

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