Eyeshadow To Match Your Eye Color

Get perfect eyeshadow for every look – and eye color. Be inspired by our individual eyeshadow combinations.


Your glasses make your eyes look smaller. Go for lighter shades to make your eyes look bigger. Applying a light colored Soft Eye Liner to your waterline also makes your eyes look brighter and bigger.


Your glasses make your eyes look bigger, just like a magnifying glass. Darker shades, and a dark colored Soft Eye Liner applied to your waterline will keep your eyes looking proportionately sized.


Use darker shades to create the illusion of a deeper crease. To apply your eyeshadow, slightly tilt your chin towards your neck. Use an eyeshadow brush to apply eye makeup to your lid crease and over the curve of your eye. Use a lighter colored eyeshadow under the highest point of your brows and along your lid. Then apply a good amount of mascara.

Brown Eyes

Blaue Augen

Green Eyes

Eyeshadow Pearl | 04 - pearly mystical grey
Eyeshadow Pearl | 75 - pearly light blue
Beauty Box Quattro