Eyeshadow To Match Your Hair Color

Don’t feel like filling your Beauty Box yourself? No problem... we’ve created “Quattro” Beauty Boxes that are filled with the best shades for your hair and eye color.

Blond Hair

Blond is more than a color. It’s a statement. Make the most of your looks with these eyeshadows.


Colors like hazelnut, caramel, and nougat all leave your hair looking incredibly healthy. Find out which eyeshadow color is perfect for brunettes.


Raven black hair. It’s elegant and classic. Bring out your features with eyeshadow that’s perfect for black hair.

Red Hair

Red hair is incredibly eye-catching. Find the perfect eyeshadow to bring out that gorgeous, red mane.

Blusher | 30 - bright fuchsia blush
Eyeshadow Pearl | 73 - pearly blue sky
Eyeshadow Pearl | 87 - pearly purple