Spring Makeup Looks

Say goodbye to pale winter skin and give your look a dose of freshness with spring colors.

The subtle colors emulate the blossoming nature, giving you a fresh new look for the start of spring.


Step 1

Fresh looking skin

Go for a lightweight foundation and let your skin breathe in the spring air. It’ll even out your complexion, cover up redness and give your skin that extra bit of freshness on top of a radiant glow. Together with concealer and the Eye Brightening Powder, you’ll brighten up your eye area and get a wide-awake effect.

Step 2

Eyeshadows for every eye color

Nude eyeshadows beautifully compliment every eye color. Begin by applying a darker shade to your outer eye and blend it towards your inner eye corner with a sweeping C-shaped motion. Add some light, shimmery highlights to accentuate your eyelids. For long-lasting eye makeup, apply an eyeshadow primer beforehand.

Step 3

Color on your lids

Let the spring blossoms inspire you and add colorful accents to your eyelids. Go for shimmering purple on your eyes, and don’t forget to apply it just below your lower lash line, too. If you have brown eyes, blue is ideal to accentuate your eyes. For green eyes, we recommend pink or rosé eyeshadows.

Step 4

Apply lip makeup in subtle colors

This look really emphasizes your eyes, so choose a more delicate and subtle color for your lips. A soft rosé pairs perfectly with colorful eye makeup, and is flattering for your complexion.

Step 5

Spring blossoming on your nails

Bright nail polish colors bring out the lightness of spring. Bold, pastel colors, like coral, pink, or apricot, are easily paired with the rest of your makeup and will get you in the mood for spring.