Oktoberfest Makeup

O'zapft is and we are ready to show you your perfect, long-lasting Oktoberfest look! So get into your dirndl and make up step by step the right make-up for the Oktoberfest.

Step by Step

3 in 1 Make-up Fixing Spray

Use a fixing spray as a primer so that the skin is perfectly prepared for the subsequent make-up and fixes the foundation.


Follow with a light coverage foundation for an even, natural finish.


It can quickly get hot in the tent at the Oktoberfest! To reduce shine on the skin, powder with a transparent powder.

Step by step

When choosing an eyeshadow, go for a color that matches your Dirndl. For a really coordinated look, match your eye makeup to one of the colors of your apron.

Natural make up for dirndl

Apply blush to your cheeks for more freshness and fix your eyebrows with a transparent gel. Use an Eyeshadow Base before the eyeshadow and apply a darker brown in the crease from the outside to the inside in circular movements. With a light shimmering eye shadow in the inner corner of the eye, you also open up your look for your perfect Oktoberfest make-up.

Glossy lips for the Oktoberfest

More fun with lip gloss! With the Hot Chili Lip Booster you give your lips an irresistibly shiny finish. Outline your lips with a lip liner beforehand to enhance the plumping effect of the lip gloss.

More intense makeup to dirndl

Apply a light brown eye shadow from the outside to the inside along the eyelid arch and the lower lash line. Then intensify the outer corner of the eye with a dark brown eye shadow and blend it inwards. For an even more intense look, you can draw an eyeliner. Set highlights with a light shimmering eye shadow and open your look. Voilà, your Oktoberfest make-up is ready!

Kiss-proof lips for the Oktoberfest

Round off your look with a red lipstick. Use a lip liner to avoid bleeding into the lip lines. And to make sure your custom lipstick stays where it belongs, fix it with Magic Fix for a long-lasting result.