Magic Fix

Lipstick sealer for kiss-proof lips
  • Seals your lipstick
  • Makes lipstick kiss-proof, long-lasting, and waterproof
  • Prevents lipstick from bleeding

Lips are there to kiss, so make your lipstick kiss-proof! The Magic Fix coats your lips like an invisible protective shield and seals your lipstick in place. The natural ingredients prevent lipstick from transferring or bleeding into fine lines around the lips. Essential oils provide extra care for the lips. Bergamot oil, with its fruity-floral, warm scent, has a balancing and calming effect, and lavender oil, with its floral scent and woody notes, leaves the lips soothed and nourished. The Magic Fix makes your lipstick kiss-proof and waterproof—as if by magic! No more transferring onto mugs, glasses, and shirt collars! Your lipstick will stay exactly where it belongs!

The most important ingredients and their effects:

  • Bergamot oil has a balancing and calming effect
  • Lavender oil leaves the lips feeling soothed and nourished

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Use your lip liner and lipstick as usual. Then dab off excess lipstick color with a tissue. Apply Magic Fix to the entire lip, making sure to cover the lip line. This will prevent the lipstick from bleeding. You may feel a slight tingling sensation—this is a natural reaction to the alcohol. Leave the Magic Fix to dry for a few seconds with your lips slightly open. Thoroughly clean the Magic Fix brush with a tissue after every use. To remove the Magic Fix, use an oil-based cleansing product.

Please note: Magic Fix is not suitable for sealing very creamy or glossy formulas such as the Color Lip Shine. However, it is ideal for sealing the Perfect Color Lipstick and the Art Couture Lipstick Velvet. Consuming oily foods can also reduce the effect of the Magic Fix.

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Note: To optimize our textures, we implement new scientific findings promptly. This results in possible changes in the declaration.

  • Finish: shiny
  • Texture: liquid
  • Compatibility:
  • Ingredients: mineral oil free, palmoil free, paraben free, silicone free, talk free
  • Care Needs: calming, nurturing
  • Refillable: No
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • UV Protection: No
  • Vegan: No
  • Item Number: 1921
  • EAN: 4052136001174

What our customers say

Based on 126 reviews
Skeptical at first, effect convincing
At first I was skeptical because it burns a bit and smells strange at first. The effect is absolutely convincing. The lipstick lasts very long and is properly fixed. Have previously hardly applied lipstick, now it's really fun with it.
Reviewed by Katrin via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 04.05.2023
Magic Fix
Magic Fix fixes your lipstick like an invisible protective layer on the lips. Magic Fix contains natural active ingredients and prevents the lipstick from rubbing off, for example on cups, glasses and shirt collars, as well as the lipstick from running into lip wrinkles. Magic Fix makes your lipstick waterproof. Essential oils provide extra care. The bergamot oil with a fruity floral, warm scent has a balancing and relaxing effect and the lavender oil with a floral scent and a woody facet has a calming and nurturing effect.
Reviewed by Aleyna via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 21.10.2012
Keeps what it promises
With this product there are no more annoying marks on glasses and the one or other kiss is also in. Simply, after the lipstick has dried a little, distribute over the lips. At first I still wondered about the smell, but that goes away immediately. I don't leave the house without it anymore! Finally, my red lipstick stays where it should be :)
Reviewed by Helene via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 22.06.2013
In use for 15 years
Ever since I was a teen and have had an interest in long-lasting lipstick, Magic Fix has been a staple in my beauty musthaves. I have been buying it on and off for at least 15 years. That says it all, doesn't it!!!
Reviewed by Käthe via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 07.08.2014
The only product that really lasts
I use the Magic Fix for many years and always have a bottle in stock. The big advantage is that you can use it with any lipstick and not as with many long lasting lipsticks the fixation is only combinable with the respective lipstick or lip color. There's always a part left over that can't be used again. Therefore, I am an absolute fan of Magic Fix.
Reviewed by Helga via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 07.08.2014
So first yes he fixes the lipstick and makes it look longer great, but it dries out a bit and with me he burns when drying on the lips. Be sure to use lip care before and in the evening make up well and apply lip care!
Reviewed by Franziska via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 01.09.2014
Burns a little bit
when applying, but by the "Magic Fix" the lipstick is definitely more durable and it colors with me nothing. Great for a chic restaurant visit or times for special occasions!
Reviewed by Jennifer via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 31.10.2014
Serves its purpose
I also find that he burns a little, but it does not bother me. I use a lot of lipstick, have therefore in my opinion from the quality of already selected lipsticks, however, these hold vorallem when drinking more on the glass than on my lips... the fixation brings there a lot. When it comes to greasy food, however, the limits are reached. Partly I have dry lips that also tear, but then I use neither lipstick nor the fixer, which is why I can say nothing negative about it ...
Reviewed by Viviane via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 08.12.2014
Small bottle - big effect =D
Have tested the Magic Fix with different colors and brands. When applying it burns briefly a bit, otherwise top product - keeps long and you see no prints on cups or glasses =D Only a lip base should be applied before, because the lips are somewhat dry.
Reviewed by Martina via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 09.12.2014
The product burns briefly on the lips but it keeps what it promises a super product which I will get me again and again.
Reviewed by Anna via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 03.03.2015
Lip fix!
Keeps what it promises, the lipstick stays where it is, keeps the whole day! Price / performance very good, very productive!
Reviewed by Heike via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 03.03.2015
Lipstick stop !
The great, colorful lipsticks promise a long, silky finish and keep the promise. But after a few hours, the color wears off. The Magic Fix makes the lipstick really long hold.
Reviewed by Vivienne via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 20.04.2015
Super product, I am thrilled!
Magic Fix makes your lipstick waterproof. Essential oils provide a plus in care. The bergamot oil with a fruity floral, warm scent has a balancing and relaxing effect and the lavender oil with a floral scent and a woody facet has a calming and nurturing effect.
Reviewed by Sabine via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 18.05.2015
No lipstick without magic fix
For me, there is no more lipstick without magic fix. Applied in the morning and keeps the whole day. No annoying after pulling the lipstick and perfect hold. Small disadvantage, I do not use it every day because it makes the lips a little dry
Reviewed by nathalie via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 27.05.2015
A great product
I was very skeptical when I first held this product in my hands but it convinced me. The lipstick lasted longer than without the product, amazingly it did not dry out the lips and was not sticky at all.
Reviewed by Mandy via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 19.08.2015
Magic Fix
Since I often have the problem that in the course of everyday office life my lipstick has disappeared, I thought I would try this product from... I have now tested it and am ambivalent ... With some lipsticks it works great... With others not so good... All in all, however, I am satisfied.
Reviewed by Sabrina via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 08.09.2015
Magic Fix has convinced me completely. I wore it in the early evening generously over my lipstick on, whereby I made sure not to forget any stelle. Then I let the whole thing dry as described in the instructions. After towelling, the lips felt uncomfortably tight at first, but after moving the lips in all directions, they felt normal again. A roaring ball night followed, which my lipstick survived without any problems. I have to admit that I didn't eat anything greasy, because according to the instructions this affects the durability and I had already noticed this effect once before when using Magic Fix. Nevertheless, this product keeps what it promises and I can recommend it with a clear conscience for special occasions.
Reviewed by Agnes via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 20.10.2015
magic fix - magic lips
the magic fix is a super invention of artdecco. before i used magic fix i quickly lost interest in lipsticks, because it did not hold on my lips and constantly smeared. a friend emphal with magic lips and since then i am totally thrilled. the lipstick lasts super long and looks beautiful on meien lips. absolutely recommendable.
Reviewed by judith via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 04.11.2015
After a long search I have finally found the lipstick fix what I was looking for. Keeps the lipstick where it should be, for hours. If mann the lips a few seconds after applying something moist mach with the tongue stick the lips afterwards not so much. great product, and now standart accessory in my bag.
Reviewed by Tirza via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 09.11.2015
highly recommended
I used Magic fix for the first time at my wedding. It was perfect. I didn't have to touch up my makeup until the evening. Since then I have recommended it to many friends, especially for their weddings. The feedback was always enthusiastic!
Reviewed by Angela via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 16.01.2016
The Magic Fix is simply ingenious. I always had the problem that my lipstick was gone very quickly. Now it holds for hours. Eating and drinking is no problem at all. Except for very greasy things what comes to the lips. Only the feeling when applying I do not find nice. It burns somehow and starts to tighten. But if you moisten the lips with your tongue after the application time, the feeling disappears. I go a little beyond the edge of the lipstick. Otherwise it can also already times abbröseln.
Reviewed by Christiane via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 23.01.2016
The best invention
Through my carelessness smeared my lipstick mostly within 10 minutes, through the Magic Fix he now holds hours. However, I have to reapply the lipstick after a while and do not have the Magic Fix on the go, because the brush should be cleaned after use. All in all, I am still very excited.
Reviewed by Laura via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 26.01.2016
Magic Fix
With me it has also gribbelt when applying. But the lipstick has held longer thereby not. After eating and drinking the lipstick was just as off. Have already tried a lot of other make up brands, there is also nothing gescheites!
Reviewed by Stefanie via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 29.03.2016
magic! :)
Finally my lipstick lasts the whole evening! Drinking or eating is no longer a problem with the Magic fix. Am absolutely thrilled.
Reviewed by via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 27.04.2016
Long lasting lip color
I had to get used to the sticky feeling on my lips first. But the lipstick lasts much longer when you apply the Magic Fix. The lips look well-groomed and the color holds well. However, it burns on the lips as if you have used disinfectant. After about 40 sec it stops and no longer feels so sticky.
Reviewed by Kathrin via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 01.06.2016
Perfect hold
Do you know this - you put on your lipstick, look in the mirror and think - wow.... But after a few hours of partying you see yourself in the mirror again and want to hide your lips? With this product you don't have this problem anymore... :)
Reviewed by Nicole via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 26.07.2016
Great but
After application, the lipstick lasts a really long time and that's what it's meant for, only the feeling after application you have to get used to. I find that not so great
Reviewed by Polly via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 18.08.2016
I love it
The Hammer! Easy to use for everyone!!!! Super design and therefore perfect to stow away in your handbag! After applying it tingles slightly and then the seal dries and the lipstick is fixed. Super wearing feeling!!! I Love it!!!!!
Reviewed by Jasmin via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 22.09.2016
The product keeps what it promises. Once given on the already applied lipstick, a huge durability is caused. Perfect for long party nights!
Reviewed by Jessica via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 26.10.2016
Magic Fix keeps its promise. Your kissing mouth is fixed in a few seconds and can not be destroyed so easily. Whether a hot and long party night or wild making out - your lipstick stays in shape.
Reviewed by Chantal via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 26.10.2016
Lipstick lasts and lasts and lasts
This product is insane. You put it over any x - any lipstick and no longer have to worry about lipstick running. I have a few candidates where I always had problems despite lipliner, that's over with this. If you want your lipstick to last all day and not run, this is the perfect product.
Reviewed by Stefanie via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 04.11.2016
Very cool!
I Like this products!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reviewed by Svetlana via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 05.12.2016
Great idea!
The lipstick fixation is a great idea and works really great! So the lipstick keeps really long and does not lose color and shine
Reviewed by Lena via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 26.01.2017
quite okay
Find some Lippenstiefte hold really long even without this product. But I must say I use it often so I am still satisfied until spar evening without nachzutragen by this product really.
Reviewed by SIbel via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 23.03.2017
Magic Fix
First I apply my lipstick as usual and let it dry a little. Then something of the Magic Fix also over the edges, let dry again briefly and ready. Sure the lipstick does not last all day, but it lasts much longer. And the slight tingle when applying one also survives.
Reviewed by Kristina via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 30.04.2017
Must have!
I bought the Magic Fix on a recommendation and I must say I am thrilled! The lip color holds the whole evening and the color gets a subtle more intense tone! The slight tingling at the beginning you get used to quickly ;)
Reviewed by Miriam via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 05.08.2017
Initially, I was really skeptical but it has really swept me off my feet. My lipstick keeps bombproof and for many hours.
Reviewed by Jasmin via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 05.08.2017
Delivers what it promises
I was really impressed, my lipstick has thereby kept super long and even survived brushing teeth! Super product!
Reviewed by Christiane via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 15.08.2017
With the Magic Fix definitely increases the durability of lipsticks. Unfortunately, hold with me basically "24-hour lipsticks" not so good. However, several friends have tested the Magic Fix with me and were thrilled. The lipstick lasted much longer. Immediately after application, it is a little unpleasant, but the feeling goes away very quickly.
Reviewed by Anna via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 01.09.2017
Has convinced me
A great product, the lipstick holds much better with the Magic Fix, even after an extensive meal, the color is still on the lips. Can only recommend Magic Fix.
Reviewed by Cornelia via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 04.09.2017
must have
Lets even lipsticks hold all day which otherwise smear. Small disadvantage it tingles a little on the lips when drying.
Reviewed by Anna via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 08.10.2017
That is so convenient!
No more staining! No more leaking! How could I just endure so long without this magic thing? My first impression is great, but I will test it further, whether it works with each Lippie :)
Reviewed by Luisa via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 10.10.2017
Holds bombproof!
I actually do not like lipstick and have no desire to make up again and again. With this fix, however, the lipstick keeps kissing super long! When applying something gewönungsbedürftig, because it burns, but that passes quickly and is worth it.
Reviewed by Madlen via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 21.10.2017
must have
For many years my absolute and indispensable favorite product: The lipstick holds super and you save yes then also a lot of it. Never again without!
Reviewed by Sabine via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 01.11.2017
My lipstick lasts forever
I got the product recommended about 4 years ago. Since then I take it and am super happy, because every lipstick keeps with it and especially also dissolves again when removing makeup.
Reviewed by Mehtap via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 13.12.2017