Brow Guide

Turn your eyebrows into real eye-catchers! 

In our makeup tips, we fill you in on what eyebrow shape is right for you, and which products are best for your eyebrow style.


The darker the brows, and the more angular the curve of the brows, the bolder the look will be.

Perfectly defined brows. Bushy brows would draw more attention to your hooded eyes.

Neat and tidy brows work best for smaller eyes.

More prominent brows look best on round faces, and soft brows look best on more prominent and angular faces.

Directly after showering. The warm water and steam opens your pores, making it easier and less painful to pluck out those little hairs. Alternatively, you could briefly moisten the skin around your eyebrow area.

To get perfectly plucked brows, make sure your tweezers are strong and properly shaped. We recommend sharp, slanted tweezers. Not even the finest hairs stand a chance.

It’s nearly impossible to avoid red spots when plucking your brows, but a cold compress works wonders. You could also apply a calming cream to any red areas directly after plucking.

Choose between natural brows, bushy brows or statement brows. In our makeup tips on brow styles, we show you step-by-step how to get three different looks, and fill you in on how to find the best shape for your face.


The best eyebrow arch for your brows depends on the shape of your face. The softer your facial features are, the more angular your brows can be defined. If your facial features are more prominent and angular, it’s best to go for more rounded brows to make your face look softer.


Oval-shaped faces are evenly proportioned. You can vary your style to suit your mood. Whether round or angular, everything looks good on you.


When plucking your arch, make sure to give your brows a more angular shape in order to make your facial features look more prominent and defined.


Round out the highest part of your brows. To make your forehead look smaller, taper off your eyebrows at the top, or slightly shorten the outer edges of your brows.


Pluck your eyebrows to create a rounded arch. This makes your face look softer and more proportionate.


Eyebrow Powder

  • Leaves your brows looking natural and even
  • Shapes your brows quickly and easily
  • Good for hiding any brow imperfections

Eyebrow Gel

  • Brows are perfectly shaped
  • Fixes them in place without any shine
  • Brows appear fuller and more voluminous

Eyebrow Stencil

  • Makes it easy to apply eyebrow makeup
  • Can be adapted well to suit the shape of your face

Eyebrow Tweezers

  • Perfect tool to shape your brows and remove tiny hairs
  • Thanks to the slanted tip, the tweezers sit perfectly on your skin, making it easy to quickly remove tiny hairs with precision

Eyebrow Brush

  • Blend in color and comb your brows using a brush