The model seen in profile, with the face cream product swatch on her cheek
The model has an elegant, sleek braid styled to the back and has the light, everyday makeup look

Simple Makeup

Want the perfect everyday makeup look—one that looks natural and fresh and takes less than 10 minutes to apply? We’ll show you step by step how to accentuate your features and highlight your natural beauty with an everyday look.

The model seen in profile, with the face cream product swatch on her cheek
Product overview of all the products used for the “Everyday makeup” makeup tips
After photo for the light “Everyday makeup” makeup tips
After photo for the light “Everyday makeup” makeup tips
Before photo for the light “Everyday makeup” makeup tips
Before photo for the light “Everyday makeup” makeup tips

Step by Step

The model seen in profile, with the face cream product swatch on her cheek
Step 1

Prep your skin with a skin care routine

Your daily skin care routine is the basis for a radiant complexion. Apply a moisturizing lotion to your face and gently massage it in. The Collagen Booster Cream with Vitamin C firms and smooths your skin, reducing visible wrinkles, lines and imperfections.

A smiling model holds the foundation and primer for everyday makeup with a natural glow in each hand
Step 2

Give your complexion extra glow

The Light Luminous Foundation combined with the Luminous Face Primer is the perfect one-two punch to give your everyday makeup a natural glow. Simply mix the foundation and primer together on the back of your hand and apply it using a makeup brush. Gently work the two products into your skin using a makeup sponge that you’ve sprayed with a fixing spray to give your complexion an even, fresh radiance.

Close-up of the model’s eye, to which concealer has been precisely applied. The applicator and brush are also shown
Step 3

Precise concealer application

Precisely dab your concealer to your inner and outer eye corners and blend it out using a brush. With its doe-foot applicator, the Fluid Camouflage Concealer is perfect for precise application. Its high coverage makes it ideal for everyday makeup, as you only need a small amount of product for a natural-looking result.

Model applies the pink blush using a powder brush, which she holds in her other hand
Step 4

A boost of freshness with blush for your everyday makeup look

Low on time in the morning, but still want a fresh, natural look? No problem—blush is just what you need. It gives your everyday makeup a healthy, fresh look in just a few seconds. Apply the Blush N°23 in the shade “Deep Pink” to your cheeks using a Blusher Brush and gently blend it upwards. You can find out about which blush shade suits you best here.

Close-up of the model’s eye, to which the eyeshadow for the light, everyday makeup look has been applied in order to perfectly accentuate and highlight the eyes
Step 5

Subtle eye makeup for your everyday look

As the saying goes, less is more! You don’t need much to accentuate your eyes:

1. Choose a brown eyeshadow, such as the Eyeshadow N°206. Start with a small, flat eyeshadow brush in the inner eye corner and intensify the eyeshadow along the lash line to the middle of your eyelid.

2. Draw a small vertical line in your outer eye corner that follows the direction of your eyebrow and connect the end of the line with the middle of your mobile lid.

3. Using a fluffy eyeshadow brush and a light, shimmery eyeshadow like the Eyeshadow N°08 will give your eye makeup a radiant look and make your eyes look bigger.

Close-up of the model’s eye, to which the brown mascara and transparent eyebrow gel has been applied
Step 6

Naturally accentuate your eyes with brown mascara

Just a little bit of mascara can make your eyes look bigger and your eyelashes thicker and more voluminous. Brown mascara is the best choice here: a brown shade makes your look appear softer and more natural. With the Clear Lash & Brow Gel, you can perfectly shape your eyebrows for your everyday makeup look.


First apply mascara to your lower lash line using a zig-zag movement to deposit more color to the individual lashes. Then apply the mascara to your upper lash line - one coat is enough.

Daniela Rother

Senior Makeup Artist

Close-up of the model’s lips, to which the Plumping Lip Fluid N°16 in “Gleaming Rose” has been applied
Step 7

Full, nourished lips with shine

Now, all that’s left are the lips and your everyday makeup look is done! Our Plumping Lip Fluid doesn’t just nourish your lips, but also makes them look fuller. The glossy, wet-looking shine and delicate vanilla scent make this lipgloss a daily must-have.

The model is smiling broadly with her eyes closed and holds the Fixing Spray to her cheek.
Step 8

Set and glow!

Two or three sprays of the 3 in 1 Makeup Fixing Spray are enough to set your everyday makeup and give it extra glow. Now your makeup will last the entire day!