Travel Makeup

Summer, sun, travel! What makeup and accessories are absolute must-haves for your makeup case?

Get perfect makeup for your vacation and those hot summer days with our makeup tips.



After getting a little sun on your cheeks, your normal foundation can start to look a bit too light. Just balance out the color with a little bronzing powder, and enjoy your lovely, tanned complexion. To add some sun-kissed freshness to your face, apply a pearlescent peach or nude colored blush. You’ll be dreaming about the summer, sun, beach, and ocean in no time.


Creams and gel-based or water-based serums are the best in the summer. They feel good on your skin and add moisture. Creams containing oil should be avoided, as the oily residue they leave behind on your skin can trap in heat, causing blemishes. That’s why we also recommend a lightweight foundation.


Makeup with SPF and UV protection offers gentle protection for short or indirect exposure to the sun. A foundation with SPF is therefore another must-have item for your travel case. If you plan on spending hours in the sun, we recommend wearing sunscreen. For optimal protection, reapply your sunscreen regularly.


Trying to outshine the sun this summer? Create soft, shimmering highlights – perfect for your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and your forehead. To complete your summer makeup look, apply a little highlighter to your collarbone and neckline. Highlighter sticks work particularly well when on the go. They are quick and easy to use and fit in every purse thanks to their compact size.


Warm temperatures and water do a number on your makeup. So how do you keep your makeup looking fresh the entire day? Two words: Fixing Spray. This invigorating spray makes your look incredibly long-lasting and intense. It is also refreshing on hot summer days. Our fixing sprays also come in 100 ml bottles that are very practical and fit in your hand luggage.


In the summer, it’s quite easy for oil to build up on your face. Nobody wants to look back at vacation photos where their forehead is outshining the sun. Don’t worry. Oil-absorbing sheets are just what you need. Thanks to their compact shape and chic case, they are perfect for on the go, and look nice in your travel makeup bag, too.


The Multi Stick can do everything! It’s a makeup stick for your face, lips, and eyes. It’s extremely easy to use and can be applied quickly. Thanks to its compact shape, it’s perfect for travelling.



When it comes to exciting eye makeup, mascara is an absolute must-have. In the summer and on vacation, we recommend going for a waterproof mascara. Otherwise you’ll run the risk of having your mascara run onto your upper and lower lash line on hots days, or after jumping into the pool. What does waterproof mean? Bye-bye panda eyes!


The trendiest colors to wear in summer are fresh ones. We love pastel colors and don’t shy away from cheerful yellow or a touch of grassy green for our lids. To get stunning eye makeup while on vacation, simply fill your BEAUTY BOX with trendy EYESHADOWS, and stow it away in your travel makeup case.


Hot temperatures also put eyeshadow to the test. Using an eyeshadow primer helps prevent your eyeshadow from settling into your eye crease, and increases its staying power. A must-have travel makeup item!


Which mascara is the right one for you? Find the perfect brushes and the best texture with our MASCARA GUIDE.



Your lips also need some extra care in the summer, on the beach, or even up in the mountains where they’re exposed to the sun’s rays. Lip care products with UV protection and moisture work wonders against dry and cracked lips. Soft rosé colors give you a natural vacation makeup look.


For the daytime, we recommend nude-colored lipsticks with a soft shimmer. In the evening, go for bright colors to bring out your tanned skin. Go for a trendy lip color, like bright red, and all eyes will be on you.



Summer is the time for bright and colorful nails. Bright colors like pink, and trendy glitter nail polish bring out your light, summery mood. To help your nail polish withstand the salt water and chlorine, we recommend wearing top coats and base coats.


To cover up any little chips, it’s best to bring the nail polish that you applied before your trip. We also recommend packing a nail repair kit including a nail file, nail clippers, and nail adhesive. On vacation, a nail polish quick-dry spray is also a lifesaver. We’re sure you have better things to do while on vacation than to sit and watch your nails dry!