Smokey Eyes

From natural to dramatic: Smokey eye makeup is a true classic and a great way to draw attention to your eyes.

Want to learn how to do a perfect smokey eye? You’ve come to the right place! Discover how to create a professional smokey eye with our easy, beginner-friendly tutorial.


Step 1

Eyeshadow primer

An Eyeshadow Base is an absolute must for long-lasting, flawless eye makeup. This secret beauty weapon ensures your eyeshadow stays put. When it comes to smokey eyes, this is crucial since the focus is on your eyes!

Step 2

Light eyeshadow as a transition shade

Start with a light eyeshadow and a blender brush. Apply this to your entire mobile lid. When creating a smokey eye, you should always work from light to dark. This makes it easier to blend the colors together.

Step 3

Define the shape with eyeshadow

Take a mid-tone eyeshadow shade and start applying it to the lower lash line, blending the color into the outer corner of the eye. That way, you avoid blending your smokey eye too far out so it no longer fits your eye shape. Then connect the inner and outer corner of the eye by shading in the crease.

Step 4

Apply dark eyeshadow

To finish off, apply the dark eyeshadow shade to your mobile eyelid and the outer corner of the eye. Blend the mid-tone and dark shades together for a better transition.

Step 5

Mascara with stunning volume effect

Get breathtaking eyes with our Amazing Effect Mascara. Its mini brush adds a sensational volume effect, creating fuller lashes without clumping.

Step 6

Expressive smokey eyes for the evening look

It’s easy to intensify your smokey eye look. Just take an even darker eyeshadow and apply this to your mobile lid and lower lash line for a smoldering effect.

Step 7

Apply eyeliner

Adding eyeliner makes your lashes appear thicker—a vital part of any smokey eye!

Apply a kajal along your upper and lower lash line, blending it in with a brush to get a smokey look. Highlight with a light shimmer eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eye and under the brow.

Step 8

Alluring eyes with a cat-eye effect

Get an alluring cat-eye effect by fanning out every lash from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner to create a “wide-awake” look.

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