2 In 1 Lacquer

Base and top coat for nail polish
  • Quick-drying transparent polish
  • Used as a top coat: Prevents chipping
  • Used as a base coat: Protects against staining

Extremely practical! The transparent 2 In 1 Lacquer is a top coat and base coat in one. It is the ideal base for your nail polish. It protects the nails against staining and makes polish apply more smoothly. When used as a top coat, the 2 In 1 Lacquer prevents the polish from chipping prematurely. It also keeps the nails looking vibrant and even protects them from fading in the sun. Get salon-perfect nails with a glossy finish with the 2 In 1 Lacquer.

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Apply as a base coat or top coat underneath or over colored nail polish.

Our tip: The 2 In 1 Lacquer can also be used on its own. It adds a beautiful hydrated shine to the nails.

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Note: To optimize our textures, we implement new scientific findings promptly. This results in possible changes in the declaration.

  • Finish: shiny
  • Texture: liquid
  • Compatibility:
  • Ingredients:
  • Care Needs: fast drying, long lasting, protecting
  • Refillable: No
  • Waterproof: No
  • UV Protection: No
  • Vegan: Yes
  • Item Number: 11110
  • EAN: 4052136045802

What our customers say

Based on 139 reviews
"Transparent nail polish: perfect for a natural look. Quick-drying, long-lasting, gives shine. A must-have for every nail polish collection!"
Reviewed by Merle via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 10.02.2024
I find it convenient that you can use it as a base and top coat. Thus, the nails are protected. The color also lasts longer.
Reviewed by Stefanie via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 02.09.2023
The best
I really like these nail polishes. They adhere well to the nails and have a nice, intense, opaque color. They also have a good price. Very nice.
Reviewed by Muntean via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 08.08.2023
2 in 1 Lacquer
It is a clear nail polish. It protects the nails and also gives shine. I like it very much and can only recommend it.
Reviewed by Evelyn via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 30.07.2023
A super nice finish, perfect for a nice evening. The top coat is great and dried quickly. The application is also very simple.
Reviewed by Janine via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 27.07.2023
2in1, good paint protection
I like the Artdeco nail polishes. They can be applied well, cover idR very well and keep a few days. Of course, I still use a clear coat for protection. The colors are just great!
Reviewed by Natalia via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 05.07.2023
Jack of all trades!
The varnish can be applied as a base or as a top coat. It is easy to apply, dries quickly
Reviewed by Jennifer via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 28.06.2023
Glossy finish and flawless hold!
I use this practical product mostly only as a top coat, because the 2in1 Lacquer provides with its very fast drying formula for a beautiful and shiny finish, for me it is the perfect conclusion of my manicure. As a top coat, it effectively seals and protects against quick chipping or fading of my nail polish and so it remains, despite daily housework and many hand washes, a good week on my nails. The colors of the previously applied lacquer come out excellently, also the beautifully shiny result I always like very much. The 2 in 1 Lacquer has no pungent smell and it can be applied very evenly thanks to the wide brush, which adapts super to my nails. In seconds it is dried, which is why I always apply two thin layers. Also, the nail product is perfect as a protective top coat for nail foils, which are thus sealed very well and effectively. What I also find super: He pulls no strings, which is why I can always look forward to a streak-free and flawless result.
Reviewed by Jasmin via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 23.06.2023
Great product
What a great product, the nail polish lasts really long and the quality is very high. I recommend the product.
Reviewed by Amelia via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 02.06.2023
Great varnish
Great varnish that dries quickly and is wonderfully flexible to use. He is easy and simple to apply and keeps nice and long. Super as a top coat and leaves a beautiful shine.
Reviewed by Annett via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 04.05.2023
For the little Pippilotta in us
"Being lazy is beautiful..." I see that just like Mrs. Longstocking, but I would still like to have well-groomed nails. With the 2in1 lacquer, one product is enough to set the scene for my brightly colored nails. It is qualitatively convincing and is also space-saving.
Reviewed by Lara via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 22.06.2015
Good product
Smells pleasant not so after chemistry as other varnishes and lets the colors shine beautifully also closes the kack the nail beautifully No prökeln all good :)
Reviewed by Michelle via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 20.07.2015
Top duo for travel and of course for home :)
Very good and shiny clear lacquer which evens out small irregularities in the nail and also extends the shelf life by about 2 days. Of course, it also always depends on what varnish you wear over or under it, but I think that's with all varnishes in the price segment so :D I always use it on vacation and my nail polish on the hands keeps despite hours of contact with chlorine 2 days loose :))))
Reviewed by Hannah via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 23.08.2015
Effect like in a nail studio
As a base and applied over the varnish, the nail polish shines on the one hand then particularly beautiful. In addition, this holds, despite frequent hand rinsing, extremely long! Without large traces of wear to recognize. TOP!
Reviewed by Regina via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 17.09.2015
Super All in One Product
The 2in1 Nail Laquer is a great all in one product. Applied solo, it provides shiny, well-groomed nails. Applied under color lacquers, it prevents the discoloration of the nails. As a top coat, it protects against chipping and makes the color varnish more durable.
Reviewed by Hanna-Lea via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 19.10.2015
Great product
I think it's great that you do not have to buy two varnishes... He dries quickly and the ergebniss can also be shown... He has convinced me...
Reviewed by nele via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 25.12.2015