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Foxy Eye Look

Want an eye lift – without going under the knife? With a foxy eye look, you can give your eyes a lift using just makeup. Want to get the look? We’ll show you how in this step-by-step guide.

Step by Step

Define your brows

To maximize the lifting effect, it’s important to shape the highest point of your eyebrows somewhat higher.

Using an eyebrow pencil, draw over the hairs starting from the lower part of the eyebrow up to its highest point. Then, comb your brows upwards using a gel for more definition and lift.

Prep & Prime

A primer is vital for a long-lasting eyeshadow look. After applying your primer, use a brush to cover your entire eyelid with an eyeshadow the color of your skin tone.
Using eyeshadow the same color as your skin mattifies your eyelid and makes the delicate, smoky application of further eyeshadow easier.

Application - Light eye shadow to the outer corner of the eye
Apply eyeshadow

Use a soft, matte eyeshadow to highlight the outer triangle in order to intensify the outer corner of your eye. 
Then apply pigmented eyeshadow outwards diagonally, over the eyelid curve toward your temple. 

Intensify your outer corner of the eye with a dark eye shadow
Intensify eye corners

Grab a slightly darker shade to highlight the outer corner of your eye and your mobile eyelid.

For a visible lifting effect, it’s important to blend your eyeshadow over your eyelid curve toward your temple.

Dramatic moments

Choose a dark eyeshadow and use a precise eyeshadow brush to intensify your lash line and wing.

Once again, blend your eyeshadow over the curve of your eyelid, toward your temple.

The perfect wing

To give your foxy eyes a finishing touch, apply your eyeliner using a kajal pencil.

Use it to define your wing and intensify your lash line, then blend it out for a smoky look. For visibly lifted eyes, also highlight the upper and lower water line and connect both lines in the inner eye corner.


For optimal, gentle application, warm the liner on the ball of your thumb and apply the product with an eyebrow brush.

Daniela Rother

Head trainer makeup artist

Light it up

Refine your wing by using your concealer to highlight areas of your eye.


To accentuate your foxy eyes, use mascara to highlight the upper, outer lashes. Only lightly define the lower lash line. Use two mascaras, one for precise application, and another to intensify and lengthen the outer lashes.

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