Naturalness is increasingly taking center stage. With micro-concealing, you can learn how to achieve an even skin tone while wearing just a small amount of makeup.

We’ll show you how to properly use this makeup technique. The best part? You’ll only need two products for this beauty trend – concealer and a brush!


Step 1


To cover up skin impurities like blemishes, redness, or pigmentation, selectively apply concealer to the affected areas.

Important: Less is more! With micro-concealing, just a small amount of product is enough for fresh, natural-looking skin.

Step 2


Achieve the weightless coverage of micro-concealing with extremely light hand movements. Gently apply the concealer with a brush and dab it in with the tip of your finger.

Depending on the intensity of the redness or size of the blemish, the concealer can be reapplied and blended until the desired result has been achieved.

Step 3


To ensure the concealer stays in place, it needs to be set with a setting powder. For this step, gently apply powder with a brush.

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