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ARTDECO is available at selected pharmacies, perfumeries and cosmetic institutes.

On our homepage you will find a lot of information and tips about our products. Our make-up tips advise you on make-up techniques, take a look right now!

The ingredients are listed on the box. If the product does not come in a box, a list of ingredients is available at every point of sale. All information on our makeup ingredients can be found HERE. Find out everything you need to know about care products HERE. We will gladly provide details of the ingredients upon request. Just send us an email with the exact product name to or use our contact form.

A PAO symbol (period after opening – an open jar with the shelf life in months) is displayed on every product. It lets you know how long you can use a product after it’s been opened. This does not apply to ARTDECO kajal and lip liner. There is no PAO on kajals and lip liners since the contents of the pencil do not expire.

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ARTDECO explicitly opposes animal testing. Since its founding, ARTDECO conducted no testing of cosmetic products on animals and has also not tasked third parties with conducting such research. Animal tests have been forbidden for decorative cosmetic products since 1986 according to the German animal protection law. Since 1998 this applies to all finished cosmetic products. A corresponding prohibition is in place since March 2009 for cosmetic raw materials as well which ARTDECO welcomes very much!

According to this raw materials which were developed for use in cosmetics may no longer be tested regarding their dermatological properties using animal testing. ARTDECO requests confirmation from its upstream suppliers that no animal tests were conducted. The skin compatibility of ARTDECO products is tested by renowned testing institutes with volunteer participants, so ARTDECO products may be referred to as “dermatologically approved”. These application tests (also referred to as patch-tests or epicutaneous-tests) are used to determine the localized skin compatibility of the product. ARTDECO opposes animal testing.