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Frequently asked questions

The ingredients are listed on the folding box of each product and on the product detail pages here on our website. If a product does not have a folding box in the store, you can find the ingredients either on the respective product detail page or on the list of ingredients, which is available at every point of sale. We are also happy to provide you with the ingredients upon request. Just send us an email with the exact product name to or use our contact form.

On our cosmetic products is a symbol with the so-called PaO (= Period after Opening; opened jar with the shelf life indicated in months). The PaO indicates how many months the product can be used after it has been opened for the first time. Exceptions can be, for example, kajal and lip liner. These textures have a very long shelf life due to their composition and therefore often do not require PaO. Another exception are our cosmetic products in spray cans. These are excluded from the specification of a PaO due to the packaging.

ARTDECO expressly rejects animal testing. Since the company was founded, ARTDECO has not tested any cosmetic products on animals and does not commission any animal testing. Animal testing has already been prohibited for decorative cosmetic products since 1986 according to the German Animal Welfare Act. Since 1998, this has applied to all finished cosmetic products. Since March 2009, there is also a corresponding ban for cosmetic raw materials, which ARTDECO explicitly welcomes! According to this ban, raw materials developed for use in cosmetics may no longer be tested on animals with regard to their compatibility. ARTDECO also has its upstream suppliers confirm that no animal testing is carried out by them. The skin compatibility of ARTDECO products is tested by renowned testing institutes with voluntary test persons, so that ARTDECO products can be advertised with "skin compatibility dermatologically confirmed". These application tests (also called patch tests or epicutaneous tests) are used to determine the local compatibility of a product. ARTDECO is against animal testing.

You can find more about sustainability here.