New Year's Makeup

Dramatic and irresistible eye makeup meets illuminating glitter. Close out the year with our New Year’s makeup for the big party!

Our step-by-step guide shows you how to get our New Year’s look to ring in the new year with festive glamour.


The base for long-lasting makeup

Primer prepares your skin for makeup. Gently massage it in using your hands.

Get a perfectly even skin tone with a foundation offering good coverage.

New Year’s Eve can quickly turn into a wild party. Set your makeup with a colorless powder to keep it in place all night long.

Brows: Shape & contour

When it comes to New Year’s makeup, it’s important not to neglect your brows – after all, they frame your entire face.

Fill in any gaps in your brows. If necessary, use a brow brush to finish.

Prime & apply eyeliner

An eyeshadow primer is the perfect base for stunning eye makeup.

To get intense eye makeup, start by applying black Khol Kajal in a dotted line across the crease of your eye to the outer corner.

Next, fill in the gaps and blend it across the crease of your eye.

Eyeshadow – Step 1

Go for a light, matte eyeshadow above your natural crease.

To bring out the rich black on your lids, apply a matte black eyeshadow on your eyelid up to your natural eye crease in quick, dabbing movements.

Eyeshadow – Step 2

The big party to close out the year is the perfect time to go all out. Get a smoky look by applying a rich green (emerald) color between the dark and light eyeshadow colors.

For added highlights, apply the same eyeshadow starting at the outer corners of your eyes, moving across your lower lash line.

Eyeshadow – Step 3

Glitter is the perfect way to bring your New Year’s look to life. Apply a silvery-gray metallic color to your top eyelid (directly above your iris), blending in the particles with the tip of your finger.

For even more glitter, apply a pink, glittery eyeshadow just below your lower lash line, to the inner corner of your eyes and under the highest part of your brows. If necessary, blend in the metallic pigments with your fingertip.


No Color Setting Powder invisibly sets your concealer with a terrific soft focus look. The powder also gives your makeup staying power.

Daniela Rother

Senior Makeup Artist

Conceal & set

First, remove any loose pigments with a makeup brush.

Apply concealer under your eyes and blend it in carefully using a concealer brush.

Next, apply the revolutionary No Color Setting Powder to your face using a powder puff.

Magnetic eyelashes are applied using an applicator
Put some oomph into your lashes

Complete your eye makeup with mascara – apply a generous amount for an intense result.

Looking for an even bigger wow factor? Magnetic lashes are easy to apply and can be used multiple times. They’re just the thing for special nights like New Year’s Eve!

Round off your glam look

Want to shine at your New Year’s party? Let your lips take center stage with some glitter. A pink colored lip gloss with reflective, shimmering particles makes a festive addition to your eye makeup.

Sparkle on your cheeks

To finish, apply powder to your cheekbones for a shimmery look.

A fixing spray increases your makeup’s staying power. And now your perfect New Year’s makeup look is complete. Happy New Year!

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