A sustainable company

Our commitment towards sustainability is evident in many aspects. Learn more here!

Commitment towards sustainability


ARTDECO was founded in 1985 in Munich, Karlsfeld.

Promoting diversity

We love beauty in all its aspects—which is why we stand for diversity and equality.

Employee loyalty

We have approximately 800 employees who hail from 28 different countries; around 15% work part-time.


At our company, 287 employees work from home. We manufacture some of our products together with disabled workshops and penal institutions.

Climate neutral

Through active measures, we were able to reduce our corporate emissions by over 200 metric tons in 2022 compared to 2021. To compensate for what we cannot (yet) save, we make offsetting payments to climate protection projects of our choice - this allows us to call ourselves a "climate-neutral" company.

Carbon footprint

The CO2 evaluations give us an overview of our largest emissions sources from year to year, enabling us to start finding targeted measures to reduce our CO2 emissions.

In 2022, our carbon footprint was reduced by approximately 8% compared to the previous year.


We take part in climate protection projects in order to counteract the damages caused by global warming due to the greenhouse effect.

In 2022, we supported the “efficient ovens” project in Uganda. This year, in 2023, we’ve decided to support wind energy in Turkey.

Climate protection project

We know that no business can truly be “climate neutral,” which is to say, “emissions free.” The current economy is not set up this way.

That’s why it’s so important to us to reduce our emissions where we can and to compensate for the remaining emissions by supporting projects.

Free from animal testing


We guarantee premium quality without animal testing, and our ingredients have been selected based on strict criteria.

Ban on loose glitter

All-clear for all ARTDECO Beauties who like to let it glitter: Our products are not affected by the new regulation on loose glitter and microplastics. ARTDECO has no loose glitter, which will be banned from October 17, 2023, in its product range. The same applies to cosmetic rinse-off products that contain microbeads. Cosmetics that contain synthetic polymer microparticles in the form of glitter continue to be permitted by law. This includes, for example, eye shadow, lip gloss, nail polish and creams with fine glitter particles.


An overview of our sustainable projects and partnerships

ARTDECO x Treedom®

At ARTDECO, we’re continually striving to become more sustainable, step by step. That’s why we collaborated with Treedom® to plant 325 trees in five different countries, bringing our ARTDECO forest into existence. We’re happy to support small agroforestry projects in different parts of the world.

Was sind die Vorteile des Waldschutzes?

Wälder sind nicht nur als die grüne Lunge unseres Planeten bekannt, sondern auch als Powerhaus, welches unser ökologisches System am Laufen hält. Sie liefern uns eine Fülle von Ökosystemleistungen, die für die Balance unseres Planeten und unser eigenes Wohlbefinden unverzichtbar sind. Bekannt sind vielen von uns die Sauerstoffproduktion, Biodiversität und Lebensräume sowie der Holzvorrat. Wälder dienen aber auch als Luftfilter und tragen zum Klima-, Wasser-, und Bodenschutz bei. Sie ziehen Kohlendioxid aus der Atmosphäre und speichern es in ihrem gigantischen Biomasse-Netzwerk aus Bäumen, Sträuchern und Boden.


Together with Coral Guardian, we’re engaged in protecting and preserving coral reefs.

ARTDECO made a donation to have its own coral reef planted in order to support the extraordinary biodiversity of the ocean and further protect it.

Current photos of ARTDECO’s coral reef in Indonesia near Hatamin island

Our corals grow approx. 1 cm / per month and already serve as a habitat and hiding place for fish, octopuses and other inhabitants of the reef.

ARTDECO’s own coral reef

Sustainability report

You can find more information on the subject of sustainability in our Sustainability Report, available to download here.