Face Mask Makeup

Can you even wear makeup while wearing a mask?

We think so, and we’ve put together some tips and tricks on how to get great makeup despite having to wear a mask – We guarantee your makeup will stay put.

Step by Step

Even complexion

Just because you’re wearing a face mask doesn’t mean you should forget the importance of an even complexion.

Start by applying a slightly tinted day cream. Then cover any dark circles under your eyes with a concealer. For more details, check out our makeup tips on micro-concealing.


Lipstick paired with our No Color Setting Powder is sure to stay in place while wearing a mask.

Go for the same color for your lip makeup to make sure your skin and lips match perfectly.

Daniela Rother

Senior Makeup Artist

Expressive eyes

Pencil in your brows and fill in any gaps using a tinted gel. Apply a brown eyeshadow to your eye crease and to your lower lash line.

To give your eyes a slightly bolder look, apply an eyeliner.

Finish by applying mascara. Your eyes will look bigger and shine.

Mask-proof lipstick

To add some real staying power to your lipstick, start by applying lip liner around the edges of your lips. Then fill in your lips using the lip pencil.

Finish by applying lipstick and sealing it with Magic Fix. The result? Perfectly set lipstick – no smudging!


Fixing Spray is the perfect way to keep your makeup in place. Holding your hand 30 cm away from your face, just two pumps of Fixing Spray is all you need.

To get rid of any shiny spots, our Oil Control Paper is just what you need. The powder paper quickly and easily absorbs any excess oil and mattifies your skin.

Ultra Fine Brow Liner | 21 - ash brown
Brow Filler | 3 - brown
Long-Lasting Liquid Liner Intense | 01 - black line
Oil Control Paper