Nail Glue

Instant nail glue
  • Glues torn natural and artificial nails back together
  • Also suitable for applying permanent artificial nails

Stop putting up with torn nails! No matter whether your nails are natural or artificial, the Nail Glue offers the perfect solution to tearing—with no trimming required! It instantly glues torn nails back together, so you can get straight back to living your life! Looking for a nail glue to apply your artificial nails? The glue is also perfect for applying permanent artificial nails.

Find out more about hazardous substance labelling here.

Please note: Cyanoacrylate. Danger. Adheres skin and eyelids within seconds. Keep out of reach of children. Causes skin irritation. Causes serious eye irritation. Can cause respiratory system irritation. Avoid inhaling the vapors. IN CASE OF CONTACT WITH THE EYES: Gently flush with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses if possible. Continue to flush. In case of emergency, see a doctor.

The most important ingredients and their effects:

  • Cyanoacrylate

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Start by removing your nail polish or oil-based nail care products. Apply a drop of the Nail Glue to the torn area and let it dry, pushing it back together with a wooden stick if needed.

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Note: To optimize our textures, we implement new scientific findings promptly. This results in possible changes in the declaration.

  • Color: 2
  • Compatibility:
  • Ingredients:
  • Refillable: No
  • Waterproof: No
  • Vegan: No
  • Item Number: 6156.2
  • EAN: 4019674615621

What our customers say

Based on 13 reviews
Longtime favorite
I have used this glue for years and have always been very happy with it. Although I have tried others, none came close to this one.
Reviewed by Pakize via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 05.08.2014
Best nail glue I've had so far.
He does exactly what he should and I would not want to miss him more, I have artificial nails and if the nail loosens he comes to use and everything is good again.
Reviewed by Michelle via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 18.10.2014
a nail glue that keeps what it promises it is easy to apply and it also has no so unpleasant scent as other products from other manufacturers
Reviewed by Petra via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 14.09.2015
It sticks very quickly. If you smudge you can wash it off no problem. It lasts really long:) Great. Very good product
Reviewed by Annie via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 12.03.2016
Good that this invention exists
I love the nail glue. I have torn nails all the time but don't want to cut them off. Through the glue the cracked area just grows out.... Really super
Reviewed by Nadine via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 17.01.2018
Boring design with great effect
So the design I find not so appealing. But what should you do on the other hand with nem glue great different. Otherwise, I am very satisfied with the product. Super adhesive power, only on the nail not in the tube. No nail has come loose. I always have it with me in case I need quick help! Great product. Price is completely ok
Reviewed by Melanie via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 20.04.2018
Work as a stewardess, my nails must always be top maintained. Even when it's hot at work. How quickly breaks off a nail. With this product can be glued in seconds, without the crack is noticeable!
Reviewed by Karina via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 28.10.2018
Holds mega
The nail soft glue I find very very nice which holds super with me have held for example two weeks and the price for you was super great then instead of going to the nail salon I just did it myself at home so and it have held really longer I never expected but I recommend you to try that
Reviewed by Tyulyay via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 13.01.2022
Keeps its promise
I have unfortunately very thin fingernails these tear usually very far down, so I can not cut them. Therefore, I love Nail Glue, but I would like the Nail Glue with a brush to apply. With the tweezers it can not be applied well.
Reviewed by Linda via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 31.01.2022
I have very hard fingernails, everyone thinks it's great, but it's actually impractical. If I hit it somewhere, or hang, they tear immediately or break off. Unfortunately, the glue does not help me there, without still to trick. I now always take a piece of kitchen paper and stick that with this glue on the torn place.
Reviewed by Daniela via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 06.10.2022
Good nail glue
The instant adhesive is easy to handle, dries quite quickly and also holds over a longer period of time without any problems.
Reviewed by Liane via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 10.10.2022
Dries well
The nail glue dries quickly and holds well, especially handy for brittle nails so I can touch them up with others.
Reviewed by Helene via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 14.12.2022