Adhesive For Permanent Lashes

Clear, waterproof glue for permanent eyelashes
  • Adhesive for applying permanent lashes
  • Waterproof
  • Long lasting

The Adhesive For Permanent Lashes makes applying semi-permanent or individual lashes effortless. It is waterproof, extremely long lasting, and helps add a touch of glamour to your makeup!

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Put a drop of glue onto a piece of foil. Use tweezers to remove an individual lash from the box and dip the tufted end into the adhesive. Then place the individual lash as close as possible to the root of your natural lash and move it over the natural lash to evenly distribute the glue. Then fix the individual lash in place at the root of the lash.

Please note: To increase the durability of cluster/individual lashes, the natural lashes should be oil free. After being worn for a long time, the cluster/individual lashes will gradually detach. When this happens, simply replace the lashes with new ones following the original instructions.

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Note: To optimize our textures, we implement new scientific findings promptly. This results in possible changes in the declaration.

  • Color: aye aye captain
  • Texture: liquid
  • Compatibility:
  • Ingredients: mineral oil free, palmoil free, paraben free, silicone free, talk free
  • Refillable: No
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • UV Protection: No
  • Vegan: No
  • Item Number: 67200
  • EAN: 4019674672006

What our customers say

Based on 19 reviews
Good adhesion and high yield
The glue holds very well, is easy to use and very economical, I have been using the small bottle for several months. I would buy it again.
Reviewed by valeriana via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 16.02.2024
I love this glue! For me, the eyelashes hold with it at least 2 weeks. So perfect and cheap alternative to the beauty salon.
Reviewed by Daniela via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 05.04.2015
Security makes you confident.
Since I feel naked without made-up eyelashes, but also do not have every morning desire and time to make up, I use false eyelashes from time to time. After I have tried several glues, from P2 to Fingrs and Ardell I can say that the Artdeco glue keeps me the longest. A good idea would be but also offer him in black, so that the small unavoidable adhesive residues are no longer so noticeable.
Reviewed by Miriam via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 02.06.2015
Super glue for super beautiful eyelashes
I have been using this glue for my lashes for a while now! I must say that I can not imagine a better glue. The lashes last at least two weeks and then fall off mostly by itself! Adhesion is super strong! From most adhesives one knows that after one day one or two eyelashes have fallen off, but you can rely on this adhesive! As well as the price-performance ratio is right! For the attachment of the eyelashes you do not need much of the glue, so you can get along with the glue at least two months!
Reviewed by annkathrin via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 08.09.2015
Keeps what it promises
I use the glue in connection with the permanent lashes and am satisfied. It is transparent, holds super and is easy to process.
Reviewed by Gitte via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 26.10.2015
is good
have it zuhaue, have it though not too often used, but had so far no problems with it. will use it times more often
Reviewed by Natalie via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 04.01.2016
Eyelash gluing durable
Have the eyelash glue used in conjunction with the single lashes because I was looking for a glue that lasts a little longer. Sticking it does quite well unfortunately you see the glue when you have too thick drops on the eyelash. And it takes a little long until it is properly dry.
Reviewed by Jane via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 15.06.2016
The eyelashes hold bombproof and for weeks
I bought the glue to apply my single lashes and fan lashes for a vacation. The complete 2 weeks summer vacation have lasted my eyelashes. Sure there were isolated losses, but that's normal, because the own eyelashes fall out yes. For me, a super product, if it should last longer.
Reviewed by Stefanie via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 04.11.2016
Really good I am thrilled! The scent is pleasant and looks really high quality. From me a really good buy recommendation!
Reviewed by Damla via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 02.05.2017
The best eyelash glue!
It holds really well, is super easy to apply and you do not see it! I use it now for ages for my single lash attachments to cheat myself so a little more power on the lashes and am overjoyed with it!
Reviewed by Maria via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 22.05.2017
The best I know, for years my faithful companion
The clear gel does not stand out at all and the lashes sit firmly. The smell is of course somewhat unpleasant, but who wants to be beautiful must suffer :) Haha, no it's not that bad. At the first album set tears the eyes usually a little, but not further tragic, because it does not burn or hurts :) The eyelashes usually keep good two weeks, as you can see in the picture are only the first two in the front of the eye out, the rest is still sitting bombproof. Jaja,without filter ;)
Reviewed by Nora via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 26.09.2017
There is no better eyelash glue!!!
I just love this glue. I wear single lashes with this glue. And they last up to 3weeks. Couldn't imagine using any other!
Reviewed by Saskia via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 08.12.2017
Address range for permanent lashes
This Klever keeps to 100000% what he promises like the so so so like so that is recommendable aufjedenfall!!!!
Reviewed by Geraldine via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 23.12.2017
Very good
The product is very good and does its job. Point deduction there only because I would have liked a more precise tip to apply it to the lash line of the artificial lashes.
Reviewed by Elif via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 23.04.2018
Keeps what it promises
A super glue for permanent lashes. It holds the lashes very much at the own lash line and is invisible. Recommendable!
Reviewed by Vanessa via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 29.01.2019
Use it for my single eyelashes. The glue I find too expensive and in the design you could also change some. Adhere he does well, however.
Reviewed by Lisa via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 12.02.2019