Sharpener Jumbo

Sacapuntas para lápices de maquillaje gruesos
  • Sacapuntas con agujero extraancho
  • Especial para el Camouflage Stick
  • Afilado fácil y limpio

¡Ya no habrá lápiz o perfilador que se te resista por muy ancho que sea! El sacapuntas Sharpener Jumbo está especialmente diseñado para afilar la punta del Camouflage Stick. Mantén siempre a punto tus herramientas de maquillaje de forma fácil y limpia.

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Afila el lápiz o perfilador hasta lograr la punta deseada.

+ Más información

Nuestro truco: Al perfilar el ojo mantén el Smooth Eye Liner ligeramente inclinado, para que la punta no se aplane. De este modo podrás trazar rayas más precisas por más tiempo sin necesidad de sacarle punta antes de cada uso.

  • Compatibility:
  • Ingredients:
  • Refillable: No
  • Waterproof: No
  • Item Number: 4980
  • EAN: 4019674049808

Lo que opinan nuestras clientas

Basado en 21 opiniones
Good sharpener
I use the sharpener for my Artdeco concealer. He sharpens well and has not yet broken. However, have no other such thick pencils, so he is not often used.
Revisado por Manuela vía ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 17.08.2014
Great sharpener
Since I have many thick pencils, I was longer looking for a sharpener and have been found at ARTDECO. With the sharpener you can not complain, he does his thing: it is sharp, nothing breaks and it does not take long.
Revisado por Mariana vía ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 22.08.2014
great! ;)
Ideal for the thick Artdeco pencils, they are again nice sharp without breaking and smear! Often you get the tip is no longer as beautiful as when you bought, but with this sharpener dasbkein problem!
Revisado por Franziska vía ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 13.11.2014
Jumbo strong genius
The sharpener sharpens the pencils evenly and cleanly. The leads do not break or splinter! He is unreservedly recommended!
Revisado por Christina vía ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 10.12.2014
Super sharpener for all thicker cosmetic pencils
This sharpener is super sharp and sharpens all slightly thicker cosmetic pencils perfectly. My tip: Pencils before the tips put an hour in the freezer, so that nothing breaks off and the sharpener is not allezusehr smeared. The only drawback is that the sharpener is quite difficult to clean, but if you take a cotton swab, brush cleaner and a little time, works out quite well!
Revisado por Anni vía ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 10.12.2014
Handy and clean sharpening
I already had some thick makeup or eye shadow pencils, but no reasonable sharpener. Finally I have found the right one at Artdeco, which is handy, very clean to sharpen and also otherwise makes a good impression. I do not want to miss it more and also my girlfriend has bought it in the meantime.
Revisado por Mari Anne vía ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 20.01.2015
Super, also for pens of other cosmetic brands
Have I me a long time ago zugelegt for a cosmetic pencil of another brand. Nowhere was a great sharpener to find, but at Artdeco I then discovered this great sharpener. In the hand, he is a little getting used to, just because he is much larger than a "normal" sharpener. But he sharpens perfectly and is good to clean. I would buy it again at any time.
Revisado por Susi vía ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 22.02.2015
It is my favorite one
I bought it in the local beauty store. I liked it from the first sight. The quality is super. Steel is very good. The design is very attractive.
Revisado por Nailya vía ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 10.03.2015
I have never found a perfect sharpener for my jumbo eye liner or eyeshadow pencils. And now, finally, I have found one. Oh man
Revisado por Tina vía ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 14.05.2015
The jumbo sharpener looks very interesting and is the perfect sharpener for thick, jumbo pencils such as jumbo eyeliner or lip pencils....
Revisado por Alisa vía ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 25.10.2015
I have him for some time and he is just great. A robust product and not so'n cheap sharpener that is blunt after twice but a really great product.
Revisado por Lena vía ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 05.01.2018
Sharpener is fully in order
the sharpener is made for Jumbo makeup pencils and also works well. I have used it for a large lipstick and am satisfied.
Revisado por jenny vía ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 26.02.2018
Super - lasts forever
A very reliable and faithful companion. Use him forever for jumbo pencils and he has not dulled a bit. Only the cleaning is a bit difficult, but that is also due to my soft eye pencils, which quickly gum up the sharpener. So: absolute purchase recommendation.
Revisado por Luise vía ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 23.03.2018
Very good product!
I've been looking for a long time to be able to sharpen a sharpener for the extra thick pencils such as eyeshadow pencils, or Chubby Lipsticks. This does its job well and precisely and quickly creates a tip with which you can continue to "work" again diligently.
Revisado por Alena vía ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 17.08.2018
Simply perfect
Pencils can be sharpened so easily. Very precise and simple. Lies well in the hand and easy to use. For the price really recommended because the blades allow easy sharpening.
Revisado por Marika vía ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 25.03.2019
Just great this sharpener, I use it very much because he conjures up beautiful results. He is good in the hand and is also very handy.
Revisado por Nadine vía ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 03.09.2019