Natural Liquid Eyeliner

Fine eyeliner made with at least 80% ingredients of natural origin*
  • Fine, color-intensive eyeliner made with just 11 ingredients
  • At least 80% ingredients of natural origin*
  • Glass eyeliner

Whether you prefer a thick or thin line—the Natural Liquid Eyeliner offers precision and intensive color application. On top of being enriched with at least 80% ingredients of natural origin, our eyeliner boasts sustainable glass packaging and exceptional performance. The best part: The eyeliner is made with just 11 ingredients. A natural polymer gives the formula extra durability and instant color payoff. The high-purity iron oxide provides intensive black color payoff that dries to a matte finish. A polysaccharide extracted from red algae gives the eyeliner a velvety-smooth texture that is comfortable to apply and wear. In addition, the nourishing properties of the glycerin keep the lash line supple. The skin compatibility of the eyeliner is dermatologically approved, which means it is safe to use on sensitive eyes—it is even suitable for contact-lens wearers. Whether you prefer natural or dramatic eyeliner, the integrated pencil gives you the choice! Packaging: The Natural Liquid Eyeliner is made with glass, polypropylene (PP), and aluminum. Glass is easy to recycle and can be infinitely reused. It can be melted back down any number of times and used to create new products. As recycled glass melts at lower temperatures than the raw materials required for glass production, less energy is required if glass shards are added. Therefore, melting used glass protects the environment and conserves raw materials such as quartz sand, soda, and lime. Folding Box: ARTDECO has purposely chosen paper from sustainable forestry, sourced from responsibly cultivated forests and plantations. The most important ingredients and their effects: - A natural polymer ensures instant, flawless color payoff and long-lasting results - High-purity iron oxide enables an intensive black finish - A polysaccharide extracted from red algae gives a smooth and comfortable formula - Nourishing glycerin keeps the lash line supple - Free from mineral oils, parabens, silicones, microbeads, fragrance, PEG/-compounds, nanomaterials, GMOs (genetically modified organisms) - Vegan (no ingredients of animal origin) * In order to improve transparency for our customers, we have purposely chosen not to include the percentage of water contained in the products as part of the natural ingredients. As a result, the percentages of natural ingredients given explicitly exclude water and are based largely on plants and minerals. The remaining 20% helps to ensure the excellent performance and durability of the product."

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Shake the eyeliner well before use. After opening, wipe off the brush on the rim. Then use it to follow the lash line to create a fine or intensive line depending on your preferred effect.

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Note: To optimize our textures, we implement new scientific findings promptly. This results in possible changes in the declaration.

  • Color: 1 black
  • Compatibility: contact lens wearers, dermatologically approved, sensitive eyes, sensitive skin
  • Ingredients:
  • Waterproof: No
  • Item Number: 2605.1
  • EAN: 4052136141016

What our customers say

Based on 2 reviews
Präziser Eyeliner
Der Eyeliner hat den perfekten Pinsel, der ein sanftes aber präzises auftragen ermöglicht. Die Farbe deckt bereits beim ersten Strich, die Inhaltsstoffe sind ein absoluter Pluspunkt. Leider hält er im Wing nicht lange an, hier gehe ich mit einem wasserfesten liner nach. Ansonsten ein tolles Produkt.
Reviewed by Mandy via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 19.08.2022
Bei empfindlichen Augenlidern
Bei Empfindlichen Augenliedern ist diese Produkt besonders gut geeignet mit natürlichen Inhaltsstoffen.Hält lange ist hautvertröglicher.
Reviewed by Gülcan via ARTDECO Friends of Beauty, 17.11.2022