Blue Eye Makeup

Classic blue was named Pantone Color of the Year for 2020. When it comes to eye makeup, that’s reason enough to give center stage to this elegant and expressive color.

Blue eye makeup in all its diverse shades is simply captivating, making your eyes the centerpiece of every look.

Step by Step

Blue eyeshadow

Step 1 Apply blue eyeshadow

To get the most of your eyeshadow, we recommend first applying an eyeshadow primer. This brings out the rich and bold colors of the blue eyeshadow.

Go for a dark blue eyeshadow and apply it to your lid using an eyeshadow brush.

Step 2 Glitter, baby!

Just a little glitter easily adds dimension to the color on your eyelids. Eyeshadow pencils are ideal because they can be applied to your eyelid crease and your outer eyelid with ease and precision.

Blend the glittery eyeshadow carefully.

Step 3 Apply blue eyeliner

Add an additional splash of color with a blue kajal pencil. Your eyes will appear brighter and the blue color will freshen up your complexion.

Apply the kajal to your lower lash line. Important: Sharpen the kajal pencil before applying it to ensure it goes on neatly and tidily.

Step 4 Create a contour

Next, apply black kajal to your waterline. This contrasts with the blue kajal and intensifies your look.

Keep going over your waterline until the desired intensity has been reached.

Step 5 Create highlights

Create highlights on your lids and inner corners of your eyes with a gold-colored eyeshadow.

The cool blue color pairs perfectly with gold, brightening up your eyes.

Step 6 Apply mascara

Complete your blue eye makeup look with mascara. Make sure the mascara is applied evenly and neatly to your lashes.

Not sure which mascara is right for you? See for yourself in our mascara guide.

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Step by Step

Blue eyeliner

Step 1 Neutral eyeshadow

To start, apply a neutral eyeshadow. This serves as a base for your eyeliner and increases its staying power. It also brings out the intensity of the blue eyeliner.

Step 2 How to properly apply eyeliner

Start by placing the blue kajal eyeliner in the middle of your eyelid, drawing a thin line along your upper lash line in the direction of your temples.

At the outer corner of your eye, extend the line outwards diagonally. Use your eyebrows as a guide, and be sure not to apply the eyeliner past the outer corners of your brows.

Step 3 Apply winged eyeliner

Next apply a second line slightly above the first line back towards the inner corner of your eye.

The sure-fire way to perfect eyeliner: Place a mirror on a table in front of you and look slightly downwards to relax your eyes.

Step 4 Put some blue oomph into your lashes

In this last step, give your eyes the wow factor with blue mascara. Go for bright turquoise or a classic blue tone depending how bold you want the look to be.

You can choose between applying mascara to your entire lashes or just adding highlights to the tips.

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